Genetic dissection of a genomic region for a quantitative trait locus, Hd3, into two loci, Hd3a and Hd3b, controlling heading date in rice

L. Monna, H. Lin, S. Kojima, T. Sasaki, M. Yano
Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 2002, 104(5): 772-778  DOI: 10.1007/s00122-001-0813-0;      追溯原文......本站官方QQ群:62473826
Oryza sativa L.; QTL; Photoperiod sensitivity; Nearly-isogenic line; Linkage analysis

The rice photoperiod sensitivity gene Hd3 was originally detected as a heading date-related quantitative trait locus localized on chromosome 6 of rice. High-resolution linkage mapping of Hd3 was performed using a large segregating population derived from advanced backcross progeny between a japonica variety, Nipponbare, and an indica variety, Kasalath. To determine the genotype of Hd3, we employed progeny testing under natural field and short-day conditions. As a result, two tightly linked loci, Hd3a and Hd3b, were identified in the Hd3 region. Nearly-isogenic lines for Hd3a and Hd3b were selected from progeny using marker-assisted selection. The inheritance mode of both Hd3a and Hd3b was found to be additive. Analysis of daylength response in nearly-isogenic lines of Hd3a and Hd3b showed that the Kasalath allele at Hd3a promotes heading under short-day conditions while that at Hd3b causes late heading under long-day and natural field conditions.

  抽穗期基因 Hd-3
  抽穗期基因 Hd3b;
  成花素基因;抽穗期基因;生育期基因;光周期敏感基因;感光基因 Hd3a; FT