A mutant gibberellin-synthesis gene in rice

A. Sasaki,  M. Ashikari, M. Ueguchi-Tanaka,  H. Itoh, A. Nishimura,  D. Swapan,  K. Ishiyama, T. Saito,  M. Kobayashi,  G. S. KhushH. Kitano||,  M. Matsuoka*
Nature, 2002, 416(): 701-702     追溯原文......本站官方QQ群:62473826

The chronic food shortage that was feared after the rapid expansion of the world population in the 1960s was averted largely by the development of a high-yielding semi-dwarf variety of rice known as IR8, the so-called rice 'green revolution'. The short stature of IR8 is due to a mutation in the plant's sd1 gene, and here we identify this gene as encoding an oxidase enzyme involved in the biosynthesis of gibberellin, a plant growth hormone. Gibberellin is also implicated in green-revolution varieties of wheat, but the reduced height of those crops is conferred by defects in the hormone's signalling pathway.

  半矮秆基因 sd1; OsGA20ox2; qSD1-2