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Identification of five new blast resistance genes in the highly blast-resistant rice variety IR64 using a QTL mapping strategy
Identification and fine mapping of Pi33, the rice resistance gene corresponding to the Magnaporthe grisea avirulence gene ACE1
Mapping of the QTL (quantitative trait locus) conferring partial resistance to leaf blast in rice cultivar Chubu 32
RFLP Mapping of Genes Conferring Complete and Partial Resistance to Blast in a Durably Resistant Rice Cultivar
QTL analysis and mapping of pi21, a recessive gene for field resistance to rice blast in Japanese upland rice
Pi35(t), a new gene conferring partial resistance to leaf blast in the rice cultivar Hokkai 188
Genetic control of rice blast resistance in the durably resistant cultivar Gumei 2 against multiple isolates
The Eight Amino-Acid Differences Within Three Leucine-Rich Repeats Between Pi2 and Piz-t Resistance Proteins Determine the Resistance Specificity to Magnaporthe grisea
Genome-wide analysis of genes targeted by qLTG3-1 controlling low-temperature germinability in rice
Molecular identification of a major quantitative trait locus, qLTG3-1, controlling low-temperature germinability in rice
Isolation of a rice regeneration quantitative trait loci gene and its application to transformation systems
Map-based cloning of the rice cold tolerance gene Ctb1
Identification of two closely linked quantitative trait loci for cold tolerance on chromosome 4 of rice and their association with anther length
Fine mapping a QTL qCTB7 for cold tolerance at the booting stage on rice chromosome 7 using a near-isogenic line
A rice β-1,3-glucanase gene Osg1 is required for callose degradation in pollen development
QTL Mapping of Low Temperature on Germination rate of Rice
QTLs Analysis of Cold Tolerance During Early Growth Period for Rice